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Osaka-jo Kacchutai was established in the summer of 2003 by a group of people who finished the first “Paper armor and helmet making experience course” held by Osaka Sightseeing Convention Association. Osaka-jo Kacchutai started its activities as a civil group, and was admitted as an NPO (non-profit organization) in 2007.


Osaka-jo Kacchutai participates in many events like sightseeing PR and volunteering activities such as cleaning of Osaka-jo Castle Park once a month.


The armor that we wear is called “Okegawa-Nimai-Do-Gusoku (armor set of Okegawa style with two-piece cuirass)” painted in red color. It is imitating the armor of the soldiers in “Sanada-No-Aka-Zonae (The red armor of Sanada)” led by Yukimura Sanada, who had a great accomplishment in the battle of Osaka.


Our armors are made of thick paper in order to make them lightweight. Moreover, they are custom made for each member’s body shape to make it possible to be active for a long time while wearing an armor.


We use the symbol “Roku-Mon-Sen”, which is the symbol of the house of Sanada, and is also the toll for the boat on the religious imaginary river “Sanzu-no-kawa” that leads to Heaven, to show our gratitude for Yukimura Sanada who fought in the battle of Osaka by sacrificing his life, and eulogy for many samurai who died in wars. We always act based on the idea: “The revitalization in Osaka starts from Osaka-jo Castle”.


- Supporting the revitalization of the town (Planning and negotiation with history lovers or politics)
- Supporting the education of leaders for organizing history events or the historical culture courses
- Planning and management of events and cultural courses
- Giving suggestions for effective usage of historical sites or facilities


Osaka had played a central role in the history since an ancient era of “Naniwa-No-Miya (Naniwa palace)”, and was the castle town in Japan during the Toyotomi era.


But, Toyotomi era Osaka-jo Castle ended in the Battle of Osaka in vain, in spite of the efforts of lots of courageous soldiers led by Yukimura Sanada. Our “NPO corporate Osaka-jo Kacchutai “ is formed by a group of people who made their own armor in the “Paper armor and helmet making experience course”, which is held by Osaka-jo Castle once a year.


Mainly we make and wear the red armor called as “Sanada no Aka-zonae”, commemorating Yukimura Sanada.


Now about 400 years after the Battle of Osaka, we carry out non-profit activities as a “Group of samurai reborn in the 21st century”, not in battle but in peaceful activities with the mantra of “We like Osaka-jo Castle”, ”We like castles”, ”We like history”, ”We like warlords” and ”We like armor” to revitalize Osaka by starting from Osaka-jo Castle and Ueda Plateau .


We plan and carry out various kinds of events, especially in Osaka-jo Castle, with the following mantra for the people who died in the Battle of Osaka: “We will remember them, continue passing down their legend, and demonstrate through our actions”.